For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them...


Copyright and Permissions


Copyright and Permissions

The articles, abstracts, and other items available at are copyrighted by the Creation Research Society (CRS), unless otherwise indicated.  Permission is granted to download or copy original articles published in the CRS Quarterly and Creation Matters for the purposes of teaching, personal research, and private study.  With proper credit, short excepts and original tables and figures from individual articles may be used in scholarly educational and scientific works.  However, care should be exercised to ascertain whether figures and tables may have been copyrighted by a third party.

The systematic reproduction or distribution of original articles in any form to anyone is expressly forbidden without the permission of the CRS, as is their sub-licensing, sale, inclusion in other works for sale, or for any other use.  Neither is it permitted to store original articles electronically, in any form, in a public retrieval system, or for use by a document delivery service.  Original articles may not be distributed to a list serve, a web-based forum, or to any institutional or other repository.

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