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Volume 38, Number 3
December, 2001

Flood Geology of the Crimean Peninsula
Part I: Tavrick Formation

Alexander V. Lalomov

Sedimentary formations of the Crimean peninsula (southeast Europe, Black Sea coast) provide evidence of catastrophic deposition in a hydraulic cataclysm. In spite of this evidence, uniformitarian geologists of the former USSR described these Crimean sedimentary formations in terms of gradualism. This article is the first attempt to reinterpret the geology of Crimea in a creationist framework. Research of the overall Crimean sedimentary sequence provides evidence of catastrophic sedimentation in the basin. The first stage of this research reconstructs sedimentary conditions for the lower part of the sequence—the Tavrick Formation. Investigation of the Crimean sedimentary sequence illustrates principles of Flood sedimentation which can then be correlated to strata in similar foldbelts in other regions. In the description of the geological structure of Crimea, I use the prevalent terms of the uniformitarian geological column, such as “Triassic,” “Jurassic,” and “Cretaceous.” This dating is based upon the biostratigraphic assumption that strata around the globe which contain the same fossils are of the same age. Inasmuch as the synchronous nature of such strata is questionable, the absolute dating of these strata is rejected.

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A Model for the Variation of the Fermi Constant with Time

Eugene F. Chaffin

Genesis, chapter one, is discussed in terms of whether half lives could have been smaller early in creation week. Radioactive equilibrium of uranium is discussed in terms of such a scenario, along with U-235 and Pu-244 abundances. The discussion is related to evolutionary thoughts about element production in stars. I discuss the possibility of variation of coupling constants and particle masses within modern string theory. Finally, a concrete, numerical approach is given for the possible variation of the Fermi constant over the history of the earth.

The Molecular Biology of Genetic Transposition

Jerry Bergman

This paper reviews the functions, mechanisms, and types of movable genes called transposons. It is concluded that they play an important role in all living organisms, including antibiotic resistance and increased genetic diversity. This field has exploded in recent years, and indications exist that movable genetic elements are a significant part of the genome both in terms of size and importance. Research has also indicated that all transposons are controlled by a complex genetic mechanism that functions to reduce the likelihood of inappropriate transposon placement. The evidence now indicates transposons are part of a complex designed system that serves the function of producing morphological variety. Furthermore, the transposition mechanism cannot be explained by a step-by-step evolutionary process but must exist as a complete unit in order to function.

Evolution Is Lethal Antiscience

Joseph Mastropaolo

The foundation of evolution is abiogenesis, life spontaneously generated from nonlife. The superstructure placed upon that foundation is monogenesis, myriad spontaneously generated structures to produce every kind of simple life form then by countless spontaneous generations every kind of complex life form. The other “definitions” of evolution are change over time, common descent and natural selection. Laboratory abiogenesis has failed consistently and dredging the bottoms of the oceans yielded the inert sulfate of lime, not the fraudulent “monera.” The simulated abiogenesis of the proteins to mock-up the simplest original cell is more than a zillion (104,000,000, 1 followed by more than 4,000,000 zeros) times more impossible than the mathematical definition of impossible. The probability of monogenesis was not attempted because myriad multiplications of impossible yield impossible to unimaginable extremes. The common textbook instructions, “life arose in the ancient seas” from “that original organic soup,” are teaching the innumerable miracles of the evolution religion and that violates the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition of a state supported church. To meet the requirements of science and the Constitution, these lessons must be changed to “life was created,” as in “Henry Ford created the Ford automobile.”

“Change over time,” “definition one” of evolution, actually describes devolution to extinction, the exact opposite of evolution. “Common descent,” “definition two” of evolution, actually describes true-to-type devolution to extinction, again the exact opposite of evolution. A sample engineering analogue, as well as actual epidemiological data from human genetic disorders and fatal birth defects, identify “natural selection,” the alleged “primary mechanism” for evolution, as actually a mechanism for devolution to extinction, the exact opposite of evolution. Both “definitions” of evolution and evolution’s “primary mechanism” yield universal devolution to extinction. Additionally, evolution is the antithesis of science because it cloaks current permanent accelerating human and biosphere extinction in the garb of biologically advantageous progress. Evolution wantonly militates against countermeasures while myriad individuals and populations, including humans, are accelerated to the greatest mass extinction in history. Therefore, evolution is identified here as the wantonly lethal antiscience ruling the summit of criminality. As a first step for self defense against imminent permanent human and biosphere mass extinction, the evolution movement must be expunged worldwide.

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