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Volume 13, Number 4
March, 1977

Audience Response: Teach Creation And Evolution

David J. Rodabaugh, Ph.D.

Creationists have held that creation and evolution should both be taught in the public schools. Indeed, they believe that teachers have a moral responsibility to teach both sides of the subject of origins. At a recent presentation of creation at a major university campus the audience was invited to respond to several questions. The overwhelming response was that both creation and evolution should be taught in the public schools. This was the opinion of the students considered separately, the faculty considered separately, and those who were from the community. These responses support the contention that creation and evolution should both be taught in the public school.

Reversals In The Fossil Record: The Latest Problem In Stratigraphy And Evolutionary Phylogeny

Marvin L. Lubenow, Th.M., M.S.

Evolutionists have often asserted that evolutionary change is irreversible. In fact, that assertion has the status of a law, called Dollo's Law. However, a search of the literature shows that the evolutionists are being forced more and more to admit that, according to their presuppositions, there have been reversals. Once that admission is made, attempts to resolve the order of strata by supposed evolutionary changes in fossils become very questionable. The matter of reversals in the fossil record is an unreported controversy among paleontologists. Even the minority of paleontologists who recognize the fossil evidence for reversals are very obtuse regarding the implications in stratigraphy and phylogeny, both of which have been developed on the concept of the irreversible nature of the fossil record of evolution.

Solution And Deposition Of Calcium Carbonate In A Laboratory Situation II

Emmett L. Williams and Richard J. Herdklotz

This article is the second in a series of interim reports on attempts to produce cave-like CaCO3 structures, i.e., simulated stalactites and stalagmites, in the laboratory. The effects of such things as differences of temperature, and acetic acid in the water, were investigated. It was found that it is indeed possible for limestone to be dissolved, and the CaCO3 later precipitated, very quickly.

It is evident that this matter of dripstone must be investigated in conjunction with the process of formation of caves, and also the formation of limestone. Some suggestions are made about these matters; clearly more research is needed.

God Does Not Deceive Men

Lewis H. Worrad, Jr.

Those who hold the doctrines of uniformitarianism and evolution usually do so because of such things as the fossil record, or other supposed evidence for a very old earth. Those, moreover, who want to combine evangelical Christianity and uniformitarianism may argue that if the earth is not very old, God would be deceitful in making it appear so. It is maintained here, however, the God does not deceive men; it is much more likely that they deceive themselves. Moreover, the essence of deceitfulness lies in the intent. God, in creating the world as it is, did not make it thus for the purpose of deceiving men, but for very good reasons, which, of course, may or may not be apparent to men at the present.

Could The Flood Waters Have Come From A Canopy Or Extraterrestrial Source?

Robert E. Kofahl, Ph.D.

Various tentative models for an atmospheric canopy of water in vapor or other form, as well as proposed extraterrestrial sources of water or ice, have had four purposes in the overall creation-flood model of origins. These have been explanation of a pre-flood semitropical climate, provision of substantial waters for the flood, explanation of glacial action and catastrophic freezing after the flood, and possible reduction in the pre-flood rate of carbon-14 production. The usual aim has been to provide explanations which involve only natural forces without divine miraculous intervention. Critical analysis of these models shows that the provision of a substantial part of flood waters or of ice either from a canopy or form extraterrestrial sources is impossible apart from special divine miraculous intervention. All of the models fail to meet the requirements of the laws of physics and/or physiology. Preliminary guidelines for the quantitative modeling of a limited water vapor canopy are offered.

What About Dendrochronology?

Harry V. Wiant, Jr., Ph.D.

The field of dendrochronology is reviewed and probable sources of error, especially for the bristlecone pine chronology, are indicated.

Heart Mountain Revisited

Clifford L. Burdick, D.Sc.

At the Heart Mountain formation, Wyoming, and at other places, strata are in the wrong order, according to the uniformitarian view, supposedly older rocks being on top of supposedly younger ones. Such formations have been ascribed to the overthrusting of older rocks over the younger. However, at many of these formations, including Heart Mountain, there is no physical evidence for such sliding; nor is there any proof that such motion is mechanically possible. Some recent investigation has again failed to provide any evidence that Heart Mountain was overthrusted; but there is evidence that a normal vertical fault was involved.

The Importance Of Creation In The Christian Message

T. Robert Ingram, D.D.

In recent times the topic of creation has been stressed very little in Christian preaching, or in the Christian message generally. In early Christian preaching, on the other hand, it played a very important part. The author points out that to neglect creation is to weaken the Christian message, and that various doctrines can really be understood only when the fact of creation is taken into account.

Phylogenetic Development Of Adipose Tissue In Animals

David A. Kaufmann, Ph.D.

A review of the supposed phylogenetic development of adipose tissue in invertebrates and vertebrates is presented. In invertebrates, lipid-storage tissue is absent in the sponges and coelenterates. There is some evidence of such tissue in Echinoderms, a speculated possibility in Annelids, Mollusks, Crustaceans and Arachnids, and well-developed tissue in Myriapods and insects; but no distinct adipose tissue in Cephalochords.

In vertebrates, the poikilotherms have only traces of adipose tissue, the liver performing a lipid-storing function. Fishes, amphibians, and reptiles have little or no highly developed white adipose tissue. Carnivores have very little white adipose tissue, while hibernating animals have large amounts of lower-developed brown adipose tissue.

These observations do not correlate with the prediction of the mega-evolution model of a graded increase in quantity and quality of tissues with advancement up the so-called evolutionary ladder of life.



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