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Volume 14, Number 4
March, 1978

On Appearance With An Appearance Of Age

Frank L. Marsh, Ph.D.

Creationists have sometimes hesitated to maintain the doctrine of creation with apparent age, fearing that to do so might seem to be to hold that God has deceived men. But there is no deceit, since God has stated the truth plainly in revelation. Besides, it would be impossible for anything to have been created at all without features which could be taken as indications of age.

A Diluvian Interpretation Of Ancient Cyclic Sedimentation

John Woodmorrappe, B.A.

The earth's water-laid rocks contain a repetitive type of stratigraphic layering known as cyclothems. Uniformitarian geologists have long debated the processes which formed them; but every theory proposed has failed to explain many basic properties.

In fact, uniformitarianism, which is not a scientific law or principle, has fostered an unnatural interpretation of cyclothemic rocks. Numerous properties of cyclothems are explained far more fully and simply in terms of catastrophic sedimentation. These properties include their world-wide distribution and "age"-transcendence, the shallowness of deposition, vertical gradation, and evidence of them in contemporaneous tectonism. A detailed account is presented of the genetic relation between cyclothemic sedimentational and stratigraphic properties and the recessional phases of Noah's Flood.

Using The Second Law More Effectively

D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D.

Creationists could make more effective use of the second law of thermodynamics by pointing out three facts: (a) The second law applies as rigorously to open systems as it does to closed ones. (b) Solar energy increases entropy on the earth, which is not what evolutionists want. (c) There are no known exceptions to the law, not even in living systems.

A New Theory Of The Electron

Richard R. Pemper, B.S. and Thomas G. Barnes, D.Sc.

In this article work begun in a previous one, Reference 20, is continued. Two matters especially are considered. One is the increase of mass of charged elementary particles moving at high speeds. Special relativity includes this increase, but offers no physical explanation; it is hard to see how arguments about observers can explain what happens when no observers are present. Here the increase of inertia is seen to be due to the magnetic field generated by the motion. The other mater is the stability of elementary particles such as electrons. These particles are basic to electrodynamics; but electrodynamics predicts that the particles would explode, unless there be additional forces to bind them together. Here such a binding force is investigated; and an incidental outcome of the investigation is the removal of a discrepant factor, such as 4/3, which has long plagued theories of the electron.

Beowulf: Creationist Implications In Our Earliest English Epic

Lorella Rouster, B.S.

It is shown that the Old English epic Beowulf may embody traditions going back to times not long after the Flood; and thus may provide additional evidence for a universal Flood and subsequent dispersion.

Evidence Of Glaciation In Wisconsin

Clifford L. Burdick, D.Sc.

Some Creationists have doubted whether there ever was a glacial age, since they find it hard to see how it could fit in with an Earth as young as Scripture would indicate. On the other hand, there is certainly evidence which would seem to point to a former glaciation. Here some of that evidence, as it is found in Wisconsin, is described.



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