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Volume 17, Number 2
September, 1980

Thornton Quarry Deposits: A Fossil Coral Reef Or A Catastrophic Flood Deposit? A Preliminary Study

David B. D'Armond, B.S.

Thornton Quarry, the world's largest working commercial limestone quarry, is made up of massive deposits of fossil-bearing dolomitized limestone. Because of the high concentration of fossil corals, brachiopods, crinoids and other shallow marine organisms, it has been viewed as an ancient coral reef of Silurian age (approximately 410 million years) and is often compared to modern reefs for similarity. However, in a brief review of evolutionist literature, it readily can be discerned that these deposits are not comparable to modern reefs and that the standard uniformitarian view is both misleading and imaginary.

The actual facts instead readily submit themselves to a flood-geology interpretation, making the Thornton deposits of probable mid-Flood origin, influenced by tidal effects during the Flood. It is suggested that these tidal effects have been greatly underestimated by many creationists, but when coupled with tsunami effects, these become powerful agents for massive erosion, deposition and cyclical deposits. Deposits underlying Thornton probably reflect such activity. A Catastrophic Wave-Action Model of deposition is proposed.

The Effect Of Elevated Atmospheric Pressure On Living Things

Terrance L. Smith, Ph.D.

The effects of increased pressure on the maximum voluntary ventilation, and the toxic ore narcotic effects of individual atmospheric gases at sufficiently high partial pressures, are described. These matters could have been very important before the Flood if, as some believe, a vapor canopy then caused the atmospheric pressure to be considerable higher than it is now.

Gracious Science And Interfering Science

Lawrence A. McGhee

It is argued that the concept of truth is a moral one. Science is considered to have to do with truth. Consequently science is a moral activity, that is, one to which moral standards and criteria apply. Some consequences of this viewpoint are suggested.

A Critical Look At Plate Tectonics And Continental Drift

Clifford L. Burdick, D.Sc.

Years ago, at the University, I was asked to lead the negative side of a debate on continental drift. We won; not, I hasten to add, because of my leadership, but, I believe, on the strength of the arguments presented. Since then much new evidence has come to light, which can at least be interpreted in favor of drift and plate tectonics. Consequently, there has been a drift toward their acceptance. However, the head structural geologist at a university, with whom I discussed this, was not ready to adopt the theory. "Be not the first whom the new is tried, nor yet the last to lay the old aside". He sited Wesson, enumerated some 75 objections to the hypothesis, which as yet have not been answered.

Continental Tilt

John E. Schmick

The continents are seen, to a large extent, to be tilted toward the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, and to drain into them, the oceans being as it were catchbasins. It is suggested that the state of affairs dates to the conclusion of the Flood, when the continents were drained by being tilted thus. Other evidence, especially from the bottoms of the oceans and from the Arctic regions, points in the same direction.

The Faraday-Disc Dynamo And Geomagnetism

G. Russell Akridge, Ph.D.

The Faraday-disc dynamo has been put forward as a model to explain the variation with time of the earth's magnetic field. Evolutionists, especially have claimed that this model explains the reversals of the field, which are believed to have occurred in the past;l and that th emodel is consistent with the evolutionary doctrine. In this article the model is investigated in detail. The conclusion is that the magnetic field generated by the Faraday-disc dynamo never reverses; rather it decays exponentially. This exponential decay of the earth's field is a feature of the theory of geomagnetism proposed by Barnes. That theory offers one of the strongest proofs of a recent Creation. Thus the evolutionists' model is actually evidence, not for uniformitarianism, but rather for recent Creation.

A Proposal For A New Creationist Discipline

Ralph E. Ancil, B.A.

It is proposed that it may be useful to formalize some ideas, which have hitherto been largely implicit in many Creationist writings, to a greater extent than has been done. Especially is this so of parts of genetics, which are of great importance to Creationism.

Evolution, Race, And Equality Of Intelligence

Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.

Social scientists today almost universally believe that essentially, the races of men are largely equal in regard to intelligence. Although there is some disagreement, nonetheless, even among those who disagree, it is agreed that there is not more than approximately one standard deviation difference in the mean of intelligence between any two races. This fact thoush, is contrary to the basic assumptions of evolution. In order for selection to take place, differences must exist between individual organisms. Selection would would then cause races to develop, a process which is called in Darwinian terms, speciation. The lack of important differences between races, especially in the crucial difference between men and "lower" forms of life, viz. intelligence, is seen as a serious difficulty for the evolutionary theory. In addition, the theory of evolution can also be seen as having been an important factor in the extreme forms of racism that existed at the turn of the century and for several years beyond, especially racism against blacks and Jews.


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