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Volume 17, Number 4
March, 1981


Magnetic Fields In Medicine: Bone Repair

Kevin McLeod

Evidence is accumulating which shows that magnetic fields may prove to have beneficial aspects for human beings. This information is being used in medical research, and therapeutic results obtained. Here some data are presented on one example: the healing of fractures in bones.

There is evidence that the earth's magnetic field may formerly have been greater than at present. The implications of such a situation, particularly to the life spands of the patriarchs, are discussed.

The Necessity Of The Canopies

Everett H. Peterson

There has been much discussion of the possibilities, composition, and maintenance of a pre-Flood canopy surrounding the earth. Venus space probes have shown a canopy to be possible; for Venus has one. This paper discusses the data that not only wa the canopy possible but that it was a necessity. It was necessary before the Flood to produce the climatic conditions the Bible describes for that time. When that canopy was emptied its water became the erosional force that produced the sediments that formed the sedimentary rock. A restored canopy was necessary after the Flood to produce the climatic conditions that made Oregon's weather tropical and that allowed mammoths to lieve at the Arctic Circle. When that canopy was emptied it produced the ice age and froze and preserved the mammoths.

Solution And Deposition Of Calcium Carbonate In A Laboratory Situation IV

Emmett L. Williams, Ph.D., Kenneth W. House, B.S., and Richard J. Herdklotz, Ph.D.

This is a final report in a series of research investigations designed to determine the conditions necessary to attain rapid precipitation of CaCO3 in the laboratory. It is shown that rapid formation of deposits is possible utilizing a decrease in pressure as limestone-laden waters emerge into the atmosphere.

The Hebrew Flood Even More Devestating Than The English Translation Depicts

G. Russell Akridge, Ph.D.

The associated Hebrew words and Hebrew usages that appear in the Genesis flood account are explained. The titanic destruction and uniqueness, not adequately brought out in the English translation, appear remarkably and deliberately emphasized in the Hebrew.

Is Language An Exclusive Ability Of Man?

Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.

One result of the acceptance of the evolutionary theory is a belief that the gap between man and the lower primates is much less than previously supposed. When it was believed by most scientists that man was a direct creation by God, man was seen to be clearly distinct and different. Evolution on the contrary, stresses a continuity between the lowest form of life and the highest. Evolutionary theory ahs permeated virtually all of the sciences, and humanities, and even the study of language ability. For many years, it was accepted that language ability was unique to man and, that, biologically, animals do not have the brain structure or the speech mechanism needed to use language. This idea has been challenged for the past decade or so. New research, though, indicates that the older view, i.e. that there is a chasm between man and the animals regarding language ability, is probably correct.

Is The Ability To Use Language Uniquely Human?

John W. Klotz, Ph.D.

More and more evidence is appearing to show that the claims to have taught apes a language, which were heard so commonly a few years ago, are at least premature, and most likely unfounded. It still appears that language is an exclusively human ability.

Which Woody Plants Grow Where At The Grand Canyon

George F. Howe, Ph.D.

This paper is a hiker's list of trees and shrubs at key places along certain of the South Rim trails a the Grand Canyon National Park. It also contains discussions of several patterns of distribution found among Grand Canyon woody plants; and these patterns are interpreted historically from the standpoint of scientific creationism and flood geology. Some hints at distinguishing between pairs of plants that resemble each other are also included.



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