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Volume 21, Number 2
September, 1984

A Unified Theory Of Physics

Thomas G. Barnes, D.Sc.

Einstein's primary aim in physics was to develop a unified field theory. It is now eighty years since Einstein introduced relativity. Modern physics still has no unified field theory. This paper shows problems with relativity and quantum theory. It proposes novel adaptations of classical physics as a means of achieving a unification of physics. The four basic types of forces in modern physics are reduced to only one kind of force, the electromagnetic force.

A Report Of Activity On The Grasslands Experiment Station For 1983

Stephen C. Hagberg, B.S., and E. Norbert Smith, Ph.D.

The research potential at the Creation Research Society Grasslands Experiment Station is discussed. A list of plants and animals available for study is given. Plant succession studies have been initiated.

Ice Ages: The Mystery Solved - Part I: The Inadequacy Of A Uniformitarian Ice Age

Michael J. Oard, M.S.

The old astronomical theory of the ice ages, based on slight long-term changes in the earth's orbital geometry is now believed to be the solution to the mystery of the ice ages. However, the changes in solar radiation are too small to cause an ice age, especially for the dominant eccentricity cycle. There are many problems with climate simulations, and research indicates it is practically impossible to initiate glaciation over Northeastern North America under uniformitarian conditions.

Huttonian Biology And Geologic Upheaval

Jay Hall

James Hutton's views of essentialist biology lead to the necessity of a singular epoch of rapid geologic activity.

The Legacy Of Duyvene De Wit For Creationist Biology: Part I - The Man And His Life

Magnus Verbrugge, M.D.

This is part one of a three-part series of articles on the life and work of J. J. Duyvene De Wit, a Dutch biologist, who ascribed to the Creation viewpoint and actively worked against the falsity of evolutionary concepts.

Asteroidal Impacts And The Flood-Judgement

David W. Unfred, M.S.

Scientists developing Earth models within the framework of the global Flood-Judgement should consider a role for asteroidal impacts. There is evidence that the Earth, indeed the Solar System, was exposed to massive encounters with meteorites, asteroids, and comets. This article surveys some of the evidence and possible consequences.


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