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Volume 22, Number 3
December, 1985

The Role Of Creation Research In Modern Biology

E. Norbert Smith, Ph.D.

The research to be performed by creationist biologists is discussed. A new biological taxonomy is needed. Plants and animals are not evolving but are already adapted for their particular ecological niche.

The Water Of Life

Don B. DeYoung, Ph.D.

The solid, liquid, and vapor states of water are discussed from a design perspective. Many physical properties of water such as heat capacity are described and compared with other materials. The importance of the hydrogen bond is emphasized. Implications of water's behavior regarding, evolution, the hydrologic cycle, and the anthropic principle are summarized.

On The Importance Of Philosophy In The Origins Debate

Ralph E. Ancil, M.S.

The importance of philosophy in the origins debate, in addition to empirical science, is underscored. This is done first by outlining some historically older philosophical issues in the areas of epistemology and ontology which allowed for the subsequent acceptance of modern day evolutionism. Secondly, the effect of some of these views on thought in general and in relation to some aspects of biology, physics and origins in particular is examined. Finally, the nature of the origins debate and the limits of science are considered. It is concluded that the origins debate do involve questions of philosophy and that empirical science alone cannot resolve the issue.

Language And Science

Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D

This is the second article in the series entitled Nature: The Supreme Logician. This article discusses various notions associated with the language of science. In particular, the concept of a rational description, hypotheses, indirect verification, theories, scientific speculation, discipline languages, Mill induction, improper theories, and the notion of a model are discussed. The concept of falsifiability and hypothesis modification are delineated. One of the major features of our discussion is an introduction to what applied mathematical modeling truly signifies, and an investigation into the unscientific methods, such as absolute randomness, that are ad hocly utilized to reject totally acceptable alternative scientific theories.


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