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Volume 24, Number 4
March, 1988

The Biological Isolation of Shiva Temple

John R. Meyer and George F. Howe

Geographical isolation is an important constituent of most scenarios of the evolutionary origin of species.  In an earlier study, Anthony (1937) compared mammals of Shiva Temple with those of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and concluded that isolation on Shiva was incomplete since the two populations demonstrated no significant differences.  We attempt here to assess the degree of biological isolation between Shiva Temple and the nearby North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Based on limited direct observation of selected environmental variables, analysis of vegetation, and study of the known distribution of small mammals, we conclude that for some small mammals, Shiva Temple is probably biologically isolated from the North Rim.  The implications of these findings are discussed in terms of the creationist concept of a recent and catastrophic origin of the Grand Canyon.

Creation Research Society Studies on Precambrian Pollen, Part III: A Pollen Analysis of Hakatai Shale and Other Grand Canyon Rocks

George F. Howe Ph.D., Emmet L. Williams Ph. D., George T. Matkzo Ph.D. and Walter E. Lammerts Ph.D.

Samples of  Grand Canyon formations of Hakatai Shale, Hermit Shale and Supai Formation were collected using special care to avoid field contamination by atmospheric pollen grains.  These samples were subjected to pollen extraction both with and without the use of hydrofluoric acid.  The pollen extracts were examined and objects therein photographed under light and scanning electron microscopes.  Pollen grains of Pinus, other gymnosperms, and angiosperms were recovered from certain Hakatai Shale samples, together with what appear to be fungal and algal spores.
Slides covered with open drops of water or oil were exposed to the atmosphere at various laboratories for a total of 400 days.  Objects present on those slides were photographed.  Not one of the objects found on these exposed slides was positively identified as a pollen grain.  It is concluded that pollen-bearing plants existed while the lithification of Precambrian Hakatai strata occurred - a conclusion which fits with the young earth catastrophist view of origins but conflicts with uniformitarian macroevolutionism.

Collecting Plants for Creation Research Society Herbarium

Joneen S. Cockman, B.S.

Several suggestions are offered to interested readers who would be willing to collect plants for the Creation Research Society (CRS) Herbarium.  help is solicited in this important project.



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