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Volume 26, Number 1
June, 1989

More Creationist Research (14 Years) - Part II:
Biological Research

Duane T. Gish, Ph.D.

Biological creationist research in the past 14 years is reviewed as it was in the first decade of the Creation Research Society (Gish, 1975). See Part I: Geological Research CRSQ 25:161-70.

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The Hierarchy of Conceptual Levels For Scientific Thought And Research

Robert E. Kofahl, Ph.D.

A correct, philosophically neutral definition of science allows scientists complete freedom in what they believe, but requires them to function in accord with rules of the method of science which flow logically from the definition. There are four conceptual levels for scientific thought and research which constitute the practice of science. These conceptual levels are explained and related to the definition of science, to the rules of the method of science and to the freedoms of scientists.

A Demonstration of the Mixing Model To Account For Rb-Sr Isochrons

Larry S. Helmick, Ph.D. and Donald P. Baumann, Ph.D.

The rubidium-strontium isotope dating method has been used extensively for approximate age determination of igneous rocks. Yet, this method suffers from unproven assumptions concerning the original concentrations of isotopes in the rocks. The isochron method appears to overcome this weakness. Nevertheless, the isochron method is not the only possible explanation of the isotopic data, and it is clearly invalid in many cases. Another concept, the mixing model, has been introduced which appears to be a valid explanation for a large portion of the isotopic data. It might be considered, therefore, to be a superior scientific model. This report describes a method to demonstrate the apparent superiority of the mixing model over the isochron method to students interested in geochronology.


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