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Volume 28, Number 4
March, 1992

Erosion of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River

Part II--Review of River Capture, Piping and Ancestral River Hypotheses and the Possible Formation of Vast Lakes

Emmett L. Williams, Ph.D., John R. Meyer, Ph.D., and Glen W. Wolfrom, Ph.D.

The importance of the Muddy Creek Formation in the western terminus of the Grand Canyon, implying no through-flowing river at the time of deposition of the formation, is discussed. Piping, river capture and "ancestral" river path hypotheses are reviewed. When possible, suggestions based on the Flood model or after-effects of the Flood are offered.

Is the Genome Sufficient, Where is the Design Information and What Limits Variation?

Robert E. Kofahl, Ph.D.

Believers in both evolution and creation seem to assume that the genome and perhaps other physical structures of the cell are sufficient to code for all structures and systems of each organism. Persuasive evidence indicates this assumption to be erroneous. An alternative conceptual framework for genetics is proposed.

The Family Blattidae: An Example of "Evolutionary Stasis"

Bill Crofut, Catholic Creation Ministries

The cockroach is one of the more popular extant biological organisms available for laboratory experimentation. It is identifiable in Carboniferous rock strata which has an assigned evolutionary age of 280-345 million years. Yet, the cockroach has an alleged phylogeny extending far back into Paleozoic time. This article reviews and critiques current evolutionary research and understanding.

Baked Rocks

Wilbert H. Rusch, Sr., M.S.

Metamorphic Rocks are either igneous or sedimentary rocks whose texture, composition or appearance has been altered by heat and/or pressure. This process is called metamorphism. Any one, or two or more characters may be affected. Examples of metamorphism are: limestone changed to marble, sandstone to quartzite, shale to argillite, and granite to gneiss. This article describes some metamorphic observations in Colorado. It is written as a field guide.

Isotope Ratios and Variable Constants

Harold Heinze, Ph.D.

Evidences and possible mechanisms for variable nuclear half-lives are explored. The basis for the definition of physical constants is examined.

Dividing the Earth

J. Michael Fischer, B.S.

A new theory of continental separation is introduced in which it is advocated that rapid division of a proto-continent occurred by the impact of a giant meteorite east of what is now called Tanzania.

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