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Volume 6, Number 4
March, 1970

Fossil Man: Ancestor Or Descendant Of Adam?

R. Daniel Shaw, M.A.

The fossil remains of what have been viewed by evolutionists as "Adam's ancestors" have long captivated the interest of anthropologists, paleontologists, and others interested in man and his relationship to the rest of the animal world. The present study analyzes the distribution of the hominid fossils throughout the Old World. That distribution points out that the most "primitive" types appear on the periphery, while the most advanced forms appear closer to the center of the Old World, the Mesopotamian Valley.

In coordinating the fossil record with Scripture, one is faced with the major question of the relationship of the fossils to Adam. The author uses a creation-dispersion model, showing the theoretical possibility of the fossils being descendants of Adam. Peoples migrating out from a population center in small groups would have become geographically and genetically isolated allowing for considerable variation and genetic degradation. Later migrants would push earlier migrants further to the periphery. The further the population from the point of origin, the greater the morphological change.

For well over a century, evolutionary theories and uniformitarian principles have taken precedence over creation and catastrophism. Recently there has been a growing trend to further research and a gradual swing back to creation and catastrophism. The present paper takes an historical approach to the fossil record showing that people migrating from a common origin, encountering pre-flood conditions and finally subjected to the Biblical flood could bring about the fossil record we observe today. Therefore, fossil men could well be "Adam's descendants."

The Theory Of Evolution And The Limitations Of Human Knowledge

Julio Garrido, D.Sc.

This short paper is an attempt to show by diagram and written exposition that the theory of evolution lies in a zone of human understanding that is, at best, conjectural. Since the Bible account of creation consists rather of a witness or record of actual events, it should be regarded as superior to any human theories regarding origins.


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