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Volume 9, Number 2
September, 1972

The Geologic Age Of The Mississippi River

(With a Presentation of Basic Factors Pertaining to Age-Estimates of River Deltas)

Benjamin Franklin Allen

The Mississippi-Missouri river system is the longest in the world, measuring some 4,221 miles in length. In flood season flat-land inundation below Cape Girareau has always been a problem. About 1850 congress ordered General Andrew A. Humphreys to make a survey of the whole area, which was completed and published in 1861.

The English geologist, Charles Lyell, promoter of the Principle of Uniformitarianism, had made superficial examination of the river and delta, and gave the river system an age of 60,000 years, on the basis of a total depth of the the delta of 528 feet. Humphreys showed these measurements to be erroneous, and that the actual depth of the delta was only 40 feet. Below that was the blue clay layer and below that marine fossils, indicating that antedating the river was a marine estuary intruding far up into what is now the lower Mississippi River flood plain.

Therefore, using Lyell's formula for age computation, Humphreys got an age of about 4620 years or approximately the time of the Flood of Noah. It is logical to believe that most of the present river drainage systems of the world were born at the close of the Flood.

There are less data for computing the age of other major rivers of the world, but the data available seem to concur with the age of the Mississippi River.

If the river were as old as many uniformitarian geologists believe, the whole Gulf of Mexico would have been filled with sediment in some 10,000,000 years.

Boundaries Of The Min: An Analysis Of The Mosaic Lists Of Clean And Unclean Animals

Arthur J. Jones, M.Sc.

The Mosaic food lists are analyzed in detail and exhaustive lists of the genera covered by each Hebrew name are presented. The author shows that the min generally lie at the family level (superfamily, family, subfamily) in current classification systems. An annotated bibliography is provided.

Brassy Serpents Assigned Role Of Guinea Worms

Willard L. Henning, Ph.D.

Many facts are presented to establish the position that the brazen serpents which bit the children of Israel in the wilderness of the Arabian desert were literal venomous snakes, and not guinea worm attacks as stated in some parasitology textbooks. The miracle of instantaneous healing from a look at a brass snake on a pole is readily understood in light of John 3:14,15.

On Assumptions And Their Relation To Science

Gary L. Schoepflin, M.S.

The fact that everyone has a set of "accepted assumptions" is established and its relevance to science dealing with origins is explored. It is suggested that the failure to recognize incompatible sets of "accepted assumptions" results in much futile discussion of purported "evidence" for a particular view. Ample evidence is cited showing that confirmed evolutionists are so on philosophical. No conceivable theoretical difficulties in biology will convince them otherwise! An implicit plea is made that everyone repudiate the thought that his personal view is the only possible rational one! To paraphrase Sidney Smith, the primary object of this paper is not to tell men things they don't know, but to remind them of what they are constantly forgetting!

The Smyrna Fig Requires God For Its Production

Oscar L. Brauer, Ph.D.

Small wasps, male and female, are hatched in a caprifig in closed cells. The male wasp gnaws out of his cell. He then gnaws a hole in the cell of the female and fertilizes her whom he has never seen. The female emerges from her cell and in leaving the fig to accomplish her mission in life she becomes covered with pollen. She enters the fruit fig attempting to lay her eggs, but the fruit fig is built so she cannot lay her eggs, but in exploring the fig she pollinates the fruit-producing fig.

A young wasp lies dormant in a caprifig all winter, but hatches at the exact time to lay her eggs in the summer crop of caprifigs which is necessary to pollinate the fruit. This all requires exact timing which means God controls it.


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