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Volume 9, Number 4
March, 1973

Three Levels Of Anthropological Objection To Evolution

R. Clyde McCone, Ph.D.

Anthropologists disagree among themselves about any particular application of evolutionary explanation. Yet they tend to accept without question the general idea of evolution. The data of evolution can be shown to be either borrowed or generated by the assumptions. The uniformitarian assumptions of an existent order can be shown to be inconsistent with an attempt to explain the origins of that order. Evolution succeeds only in deifying nature by placing within it the inscrutable mystery which is beyond science and the human mind. Its deifying treatment of material nature is a value position and not a scientific theory.

The Cause Of The Ice Age

Reginald Daly, M.S.

It is shown that there has been only one ice age and that the theories of multiple ice ages are misinterpretations based for the most part on index fossils. Carbon-14 dating and the recession of Niagara Falls are used to demonstrate that the ice age is an extremely recent event. Evidence is presented to show that the ice age was caused by, and that it followed the universal flood. Evaporation of floodwaters cooled the atmosphere below the freezing point. It is proposed that melting of an Arctic icecap that floated northward in the floodwaters lowered the temperature of the ocean from 25o C to almost to zero. Just as evaporation is a cooling process, so is freezing a "heating" process which automatically brought on the postdiluvian "Climatic Optimum" which raised world temperatures 5o C above "normal" after the ice age.

Relation Of Southern Pine Cone Spirals To The Fibonacci Series

Harry V. Wiant, Jr., Ph.D.

Patterns in nature, indicative of the existence of a Creator-God, are evident in the spiraling of pine cones. That spiraling, as many other natural phenomena, fits the mathematical abstraction known as the Fibonacci series. Pine cones, display numbers of right and left spirals which are adjacent numbers in the Fibonacci series, 8 and 5 for the major southern pines. Approximately 50% of the cones will show maximum spiral counts to the right, and 50% to the left.

The Medical Doctor And "Occam's Razor"

Jerry P. Moore, M.D.

The concept of the unifying hypothesis is discussed, then is illustrated by taking a simple case history of acute pneumonia which could be diagnosed quite easily by reasonable attention to the patient's "overall picture" rather than to irrelevant detail.

A somewhat rough analogy is presented in the approach to medical education. A specific instance of a poor educational approach is the inordinate amount of time which students must spend drilling upon classical Darwinian evolutionary concepts, which are not only beyond proof but actually cause fragmentation within the expanding mass of medical scientific knowledge.

Electromagnetics Of The Earth's Field And Evaluation Of Electric Conductivity, Current, And Joule Heating In The Earth's Core

Thomas G. Barnes, D.Sc.

Evidence of decay in the earth's main magnetic field and the fact that Sir Horace Lamb's "model" of the earth's magnetic field indicated that it should decay, have aroused renewed interest in his famous work. However Lamb's original treatises are difficult to follow because they are cast in outmoded terminology and draw upon additional papers that are not well referenced.

Because of the great importance of the phenomenon this paper begins with first principles and derives the relevant equations in the terminology of our day and in a more convenient coordinate system. In light of seismic knowledge the earth is assumed to contain a conducting core of known radius and also assumed to have electric currents. Solutions for the internal and external magnetic fields are derived and show as did Lamb's solutions that the currents and magnetic fields decay exponentially with time.

After evaluating the time constant from existing data the conductivity of the core material is evaluated (assuming a uniform core). A solution is also obtained for the distribution of the current density in the core. Then the total current and Joule heating are solved. The time constant is 1970 years; total current is six billion amperes; and the Joule heating is two hundred million calories per second.

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