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Without Excuse

Without Excuse

Product Review (submitted on November 25, 2011):
Dr. Gitt, Dr. Compton, and Dr. Fernandez go where no one has successfully gone before - they attempt to unambiguously define information. Then, they not only show evidence to support their definition, but show why this definition and understanding is so important to know in the first place. When Ifirst picked up the book, I expected a rather dry read, one that would hopefully add a tool to my bag, but would not necessarily be a major piece of the puzzle. Instead, I found an enjoyable and relevant book that contained well-deffined, scientific processes that ended up becoming foundational not only to my belief in Creation, but in fact to my belief in the Bible and God Himself.

This book is readable by lay persons, and at the same time is quite beneficial for the most advanced scholars and thinkers of our time. It's style and content will appeal to all.

If you take your belief as a Christian seriously, if you are struggling with right and wrong, or if you are simply interested in having a better understanding of the creation perspective, you need to read this book!