For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them...

Research Papers Published in the CRSQ

(chronological order)

New Report of Unique Features in the Peristome of Funaria hygrometrica (Abstract), by Mark H. Armitage, Winter 2009, CRSQ Vol 45 No 3 pp 191-199 [PDF]

The Ultrastructure of Lichen Cells Supports Creation, not Macroevolution, by Mark H. Armitage and George F. Howe, Summer 2007, CRSQ Vol 44 No 1 pp 40-53 [HTML] [PDF]

The Van Andel Creation Research Center: A Unique Creationist Resource
by John R. Meyer, CRSQ Volume 36, Number 2, September 1999.

Ring Muhly - A Grass That Grows in Circles (VACRC Report No 4) (Abstract)
by George F. Howe, Emmett L. Williams, and John R. Meyer. , CRSQ Volume 35, Number 4 , March 1999.

An Overview of Various Igneous Rock Outcrops Near The Van Andel Creation Research Center Interpreted Within A Young-Earth Flood Model (VACRC Report No 3) (Abstract)
by Carl R. Froede Jr., B.S., P.G., George F. Howe, Ph.D., John K. Reed, Ph.D. and John R. Meyer, Ph.D., CRSQ Volume 35, Number 3, December 1998.

An Overview of the Geomorphology of Arizona (VACRC Report No. 1) (Abstract)

by Carl R. Froede, JR., George F. Howe, John K. Reed, John R. Meyer, and Emmett L.Williams., CRSQ Volume 34, Number 2, September 1997.


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