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Summer 2016
Volume 53, Number 1

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Comets, the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud by John G. Hartnett

Neutron Stars in Globular Clusters: Evidence of Young Age? by Paul Nethercott

Cells as Information Processors Part II: Hardware Implementation by Royal Truman

The Apparent Age of the Time-Dilated Universe II: Gyrochronology, Magnetic Orbital Decay of Close Solar-Type Binaries and Errata by Ronald G. Samec

Media Reviews

Dinosaur Blood and the Age of the Earth

Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design

Why You Think the Way You Do: The Story of Western Worldviews from Rome to Home

One Small Speck to Man: The Evolution Myth (2nd edition)

Faith Unraveled: How a Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned to Ask Questions

Cell Biology by the Numbers

The Created Cosmos: What the Bible Reveals about Astronomy

Guide to Dinosaurs

Echoes of the Jurassic

Letters to the Editor

Mis-understanding Genesis 1

A Young-Earth Creation Model for Genesis 1:1–19

The Modern Creationist Movement—Repeating History?

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