Fall 2016
Volume 53, Number 2

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Christian Gnosticism II by Danny R. Faulkner (page 4)


Cyclostratigraphy Part II: History of the Method by John K. Reed and Michael J. Oard (page 7)

An Investigation into an In Situ Lycopod Forest Site and Structural Anatomy Invalidates the Floating-Forest Hypothesis by Timothy L. Clarey and Jeffrey P. Tomkins (page 14)

Design Analysis Suggests That Our “Immune” System Is Better Understood as a Microbe Interface System by Randy J. Guliuzza and Frank Sherwin (page 27)

Baraminological Analysis of a Set of Archaea Species Based on Genomic Data by Archie Yaugh (page 44)

Author and Title Index for Volume 52, 2015–2016 by Robert Mullin (page 59)

Letters to the Editor

An Open Letter to Scientific American by Matthew Cserhati (page 63)  

Creationist Models—Solidly Grounded in Scripture? by B. T. Mann (page 64) 

Your Citation of my Work in CRSQ Spring 2016 by Perry Marshall (page 67) 

Response to Perry Marshall by Kevin Anderson and Jean Lightner (page 68)

Media Reviews

Amazon Expedition by Vance Nelson (page 71)

More Than a Monkey: The Human-Chimp DNA Similarity Myth by Jeffrey Tomkins (page 72)

Understanding Creation: Answers to Questions on Faith and Science Edited by L. James Gibson and Humberto Rasi (page 73)

Instructions to Authors (page 74) 

Membership/Subscription Application and Renewal Form (page 77)


Order Blank for Past Issues (page 78)

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