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  • Published continuously since 1964
  • Peer-reviewed by degreed scientists
  • World-wide circulation
  • Scholarly articles representing the major scientific disciplines
  • Fresh perspectives on science and society as impacted by origins
  • Emphasis on scientific evidence supporting: intelligent design, a recent creation, and a catastrophic worldwide flood

Individuals who agree with the Society's "Statement of Belief" are encouraged to join the Creation Research SocietyMembership includes subscriptions to both the CRS Quarterly and the bimonthly publication, Creation Matters. Subscriptions are available for libraries, schools, churches, and otherwise institutions or individuals who do not agree with the Society's Statement of Belief

Selected articles and all abstracts of the CRS Quarterly are available online to guests. Additional articles, a PDF archive of all CRS Quarterly issues since 1964, and all past Creation Matters newsletters are available to members. You can also order recent back-issues of the CRS Quarterly from our online store.

If you would like to submit a paper for review and potential publication in our journal, please review our Instructions for Authors.

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