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    Winter 2017, Volume 53, Number 3

    Table of Contents


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    Variable Neutrino Mass, Supernovae, and Accelerated Decay

    Eugene F. Chaffin

    Cratering and the Earth: Clues in Lineaments

    W. R. Barnhart

    The Bighorn Basin, Wyoming — Monument to the Flood Part I: The Flooding Stage

    Michael J. Oard

    Founder Events: Foundational in Rapid Post-Flood Diversification

    Jean K. Lightner and Jon Ahlquist


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    CM22 03CM22 03CM22 03  

    Jul/Aug 2017
    Volume 22, Number 4

    Table of Contents
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    Call for Research Proposals in Flood Geology

    Math Matters: Thoughts on Half-life

    Chambers Published First Modern Book on Evolution

    Speaking of Science

    Solar Eclipses: Design or Coincidence?

    Dead Molecules Found Around Star!

    Antibiotic Resistance Didn’t Evolve; It Was Borrowed

    Myth of Objective Science Busted

    Matters of Fact: Evolution in Action?

    2017 CRS Board of Directors and Professional Staff

    Quarterly Research Matters

    Estimating Dates: Assumptions and Inconsistencies

    Microbes and Creation

    All by Design: Alligator Incubators

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Latest CRSQ Public Articles

An Investigation into an In Situ Lycopod Forest Site and Structural Anatomy Invalidates the Floating-Forest Hypothesis

Timothy L. Clarey and Jeffrey P. Tomkins, Summer 2016, CRSQ Vol 53 No 2, pp 110-122

Comets, the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud

John G. Hartnett, Summer 2016, CRSQ Vol 53 No 1, pp 5-13

Cells as Information Processors Part I: Formal Software Principles

Royal Truman, Spring 2016, CRSQ Vol 52 No 4, pp 275-308

A Review of the Lynden-Bell/Choloniewski Method for Obtaining Galaxy Luminosity Functions Part I

Jake Hebert and Jason Lisle, Winter 2016, CRSQ Vol 52 No 3, pp 177-188

Carbon-14 in Colorado CO2 Gas Wells

John R. Doughty, Summer 2015, CRSQ Vol 52 No 1, pp 18-21

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>>> Call for Research Proposals in Flood Geology

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