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  • Subscription to the crs quarterly journal
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  • Access to crsnet, an email reflector for discussing origin topics among members
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Several Categories of Membership

Several categories of membership are available, each of which requires agreement with the CRS statement of belief. Since the CRS is a scientific society governed by scientists, voting membership requires an earned postgraduate degree in a recognized area of science. All remaining categories are nonvoting. For those who have an interest in origins but lack the advanced science degree, sustaining membership is available. A special life membership (for either voting or sustaining members) is also available.

Change of Address

If you are a member or non-member subscriber who receives our periodicals via mail, please use our change of address form for any change to your mailing address. To change your email address, log in to the website and change it via the My Account page.


The number of memberships and subscriptions over the past few years has been relatively steady, with a total of about 1600 worldwide. Of these, over 650 are voting members. Foreign members/subscribers number about 200.

Student Memberships

CRS is currently offering a special opportunity for Student memberships, where students receive free online access to the electronic editions of the CRS Quarterly and Creation Matters, in addition to other member benefits. For details, visit our Future Leaders Sponsorship Program page. If, however, students wish to receive the printed versions of the periodicals, they must purchase a student membership.

Senior Memberships

Senior memberships (voting or sustaining members who are age 65 or older) are available at reduced rates.

Membership in the CRS includes subscriptions to both the Creation Research Society Quarterly (CRSQ; 4 issues per year) and the Creation Matters popular publication (usually bimonthly). All memberships begin with the first issue (Summer) of the current volume of theCRSQ and continue through the fourth issue (Spring). Those who join after publication of the Summer issue, and prior to the publication of the Spring issue the following year, will receive all back issues of the current volume. Members also receive exclusive online access to the latest publications, and to all past CRSQ Journal issues that are not available in the public. Access is also available to CRSnet, an email reflector for discussing origins-related topics among members. Members also receive significant discount pricing for CRS scientific conferences, and at our online store. Browse the store to see the savings you will get off the regular price.

Institutional Subscriptions

Institutions (such as schools, libraries, churches, etc.), or individuals who cannot in good conscience agree with the statement of belief, may also obtain a non-member subscription to the CRS Quarterly. Subscriptions also include access to all CRSQ journals and Creation Matters newsletters.


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